2015 Product Catalog

Fenders & Accessories
Spoiler Buoys Storm Gard Fenders SuperGard Fenders Big B Fenders
HullGard Fenders Tuff End Fenders Tuff End Buoys Fender Cushions
Low Freeboard Fenders Modular Flat Fenders Classic Mermaid Fenders Transom Fender
Water Ski Marker Buoys BoatGuides PWC Fender Pontoon Fenders
Camo HullGard Fenders Freedom Fenders Net Buoys Premium Fender Covers
Admiral's Choice Super Duty Infl. Yacht Fenders Fleece Fender Boots Traditional Fender Boots Oversized J Hooks
Stainless Steel Fender Racks Tidy - Ups Fender Adjuster Rail Fender Hanger Tidy - Ups Line Holders
Tidy - Ups Fender Adjuster Kits Vertical Rail Fender Hanger Quick Knot Fender Hanger Hot Spot Marker Buoys
Line Hanger Fender Hanger/Adjuster Rail/Lifeline Fender Bracket Lifeline Fender Clip
Rail Mount Fender Line Clip Hook & Loop Fender Strap 1/2" Stainless Steel Fender Lock Traditional Stainless Steel Fender Lock
Clothes Claws Boaters' Clothespin Hand Pump with Hose Adapter Personal Watercraft Buoys Ratcheting Fender Hanger
Fender Loc Fender Lines Big B Fender Hanger Ready Cleat SuperGard Swirl Fenders
Admiral's Choice Premium Removable Chafe Guards Admiral's Choice Super Yacht Fender Covers Admiral's Choice Fender Covers for Tuff End Buoys
Safety Products
Life Rings Aer- O - Buoy Life Rings Stainless Steel Life Ring Holder Life Ring "J" Hooks
Life Ring Station Eco Blast Air Horn Eco Blast Mini Air Pump Life Ring Letter Kit
Decorative Ring Buoy Ring Buoy Holder with Heaving Line Emergency Response Spill Kit
Mooring Products
Sur-Moor Shackle Buoy Sur-Moor Buoys Sur-Moor T3C Mooring Buoy Traditional Sur- Moor Mooring Buoy
Sur-Moor Taper Buoy Sully Stick Winter Stick T3C Mooring Collar Buoy Hardware
Sur-Mark Marker Buoys Sur-Mark Buoy Labels Regulatory Buoys Mast Buoys
Rubber Mooring Snubber BoatGuard Mooring Whips Storm Surge Anchor System Standard Mooring Whips
Premium Mooring Whips Mooring Whip Replacement Parts
Dock Edging
Double-Molded Vinyl Dock Edging - Small Edge Gard Double-Molded Vinyl Dock Edging - Med. Edge Gard Double-Molded Vinyl Dock Edging - C-Shape Gard Commercial Grade Dock Edging - Side Gard
Commercial Grade Dock Edging - P-Shaped The Wave 90 Degree Vinyl Corner Bumper Traditional Vinyl Profiles - Side Gard
Heavy Duty Vinyl Dock Bumpers Vinyl Dock Bumpers Dock Pro Inflatable Dock Wheels Heavy Duty Rubber Dock Extrusion
Corner Guards Chafe Guards Antenna Clips Fender Board Guards
Nails Rubber Dock Edging - D Profile Rubber Dock Edging - P Profile Rubber Dock Edging - Heavy Duty Side Profile
Rubber Dock Edging - Top-Side Profile Rubber Spreader Boots Standard "P" Shape Dock Edging Commercial Grade Premium Side Gard
ClearVue Vinyl Dock Edging - Small Com. P Shape ClearVue Vinyl Dock Edging - Standard C-Shape ClearVue Vinyl Dock Edging - Standard P-Shape ClearVue Vinyl Dock Edging - w/LED Solar Lights
Perimeter Products
Small Double Dock & Post Bumpers Medium Double Dock & Post Bumper Small Dock & Post Bumper Medium Dock & Post Bumper
Large Dock & Post Bumper Extra-Large Dock & Post Bumper Corner Bumpers Stainless Steel Washers & Screws
Removable Post Bumpers Gunnel Guard Chafe Guard Removable Chafe Guard
Removable Turnbuckle Covers Flat Fenders
Dock Products
StepSafe Dock Steps StepSafe Adhesive Tread Dock Cushions Post Bumpers
Dock Pro Dock Cart Piling Caps Dock Floats Stow 'n Go Fisherman's Dock Box
Stow 'n Go Dock Boxes Stow 'n Go Low-Profile Dock Boxes Stow 'n Go Top-Seat Dock Boxes Stow 'n Go Triangle Dock Boxes
Dock Box Accessories - Pneumatic Lid Lifts Standard Replacement Gas Shocks for Dock Boxes Stainless Steel Gas Shocks for Dock Boxes Mounting Hardware for Shocks
Oil-Free D-Icer Oiless D-Icer Accessories Stow 'n Go Dock & Patio Storage Box Stow 'n Go Triangle Dock Box
Stainless Steel Gas Shocks 14" Dock Post Guide Wheel - PVC 24" Dock Roller Wheel - Rigid Custom Logo Dock Boxes
Boat Covers & Accessories
BoatGuard Eclipse Covers BoatGuard Covers Trailerite Custom Covers Rail Bow Sockets
Die Cast Bow Sockets Boat Cover Support -- Bows Boat Vent II Rip Protector for Boat Covers
Quick-On Tie-Down Kit Boat Cover Support System Trolling Motor Prop Covers Boat Cover Repair Kit
Boat Cover Reinforcement Material Adjustable Boat Cover Support Pole Super Support Pole Boat Cover Support Pole Base Pad
Snaps Fastener Installation Tool Snap Fasteners E-Z Grommet Set "One- Way" Snaps
Clinching Ring Pliers Trailerite Pro Series Boat Covers Taylor Super Snap Tarp Snaps Bimi-Tee Tops Accessories
T-Top Bow Shade T-Top Boat Covers Universal T-Top Center Console Covers Trailerite Semi-Custom Boat Covers
Cam Locking Boat Cover Super Support Poles T-Top Zip On Weather Enclosure Laser Boat Covers Custom T-Top Boat Covers
T-Top Cover Accessories - Sandbags T-Top Cover Accessories - Tie-down Straps T-Top Cover Accessories - Storage Bags
Specialty Covers
Semi-Custom PWC Covers Personal Watercraft Custom Covers Boat Seats & Console Covers Deck Chair Covers
Outboard Motor Covers TaylorTote Motor Carrying Bags Rubber Chair Tips Custom Outboard Motor Hoods
Bimini Tops & Accessories
Bimini BoaTops Full Frame Bimini BoaTop Convertible Bimini Tops 1 in. Square Tube Bimini Top
Bimini Support Poles Square Tube Bimini BoaTop Hardware Rail Mount Hinge Nylon Slides
Stainless Steel Pull Pins Deck Hinge Eye Straps Aluminum Slide Assemblies
Snaps Internal Eye Ends Jaw Slides Bimini Hinge Thumb Screw
Side Mount Deck Hinges External Eye Ends Adjustable Tie-Down Strap Slide Assemblies End Caps
Tower Bimini Top Ball and Socket Bimini Mounting Fittings T-Top Boat Shade Kit
Specialty Products
Under Seat Storage Bag for Inflatable Boats Bow Bag for Inflatable Boats AnchorShade III Aerators & Fountains
Snap-In Replacement Carpet See Board Helm Cushions See Board Riser Panels Trolling Motor Prop Covers
Stow 'n Go Chair Stow 'n Go Table Collapsible Cooler Cooler Tote
Travel Cooler Dry Bag Steering Wheel Cover Waterproof Phone Case
Web Services
Boat Cover & Bimini Top Fit Guide Bimini Top Fit Guide Boat Fender Fit Guide
Hatches & Windshield Accessories
Window Savers Hatch Replacement Parts Top-Lok Stainless Steel Windshield Support Bars
Rainbreaker Glass Treatment Adjustable Side Vent Handles Utility Latch Hidden Hold-Down Fasteners
Door Pads White Twin-Flap Vinyl Deck Channel Windshield Screw Cover Foam Foam Tape
Door Catches Turn Latch Ultra III Hatch Windshield Male Snap Adapter
Ultra III Replacement Handles and Arms
Flags, Pennants & Accessories
50 Star Flag U.S. Yacht Ensign U.S.P.S. Ensign Nylon Ensigns
Alpha Dive Flag Traditional Diver Down Flag Thanks for the Wake You Jerk! Flag Skier Down Flag
Novelty Design Flags Fisherman's Catch Flags Solid Color Pennants Custom Logo Flags & Pennants
Decorative Pennant String Carey Chen Offshore Fishing Flags Carey Chen US Fish Flags Charlevoix Flag Clips
Charlevoix Burgee and Antenna Clips Flag-Klips Flag Pole with Charlevoix Flag Clips Chromed Flag Pole Sockets
Stainless Steel Flag Poles Top Mount Flag Pole Socket Flush Mount Flag Pole Socket Rail Mount Flag Socket
Rail Mount Pulpit Staff Stainless Steel Rail Mount Flag Pole Sockets Pontoon Flag Pole Socket with Flag Nylon Officer's Flags
Wind Socks Decorative String of International Code Signals International Code of Signals Flag Sets International Code of Signals
Solid Color Nylon Flags Storm Warning Flags Tag Pennant Release Pennant
U.S. State & Territory Flags International Flags Skipper Flag Clips Military Flags
Pirate Heads Flags Old Guys Rule Flags Teak Flag Poles Flag Party Pack
Fender-Lock Set Mini Fender Center Big B CRT Fender Hanger Pontoon Rail Fender Adjuster
Clothes Claws Boaters' Clothespin Display Bulk Packed Fender Bins
Taylorbrite® Lighting
Taylorbrite Lighting Solar LED Warning Light LED Linear Lights Solar LED Dock Lights
LED SportSpot Light Solar LED Dock & Deck Light Motion Sensor Solar LED Post Light Motion Sensor Solar LED Overhead Light
Solar LED Dock Light Solar LED Aluminum Dock Light Recessed Wired Light Set Recessed Wired Light Extension Pack
Surface Mounted Light Set ClearVue LED Dock Light ClearVue LED Square Post Light ClearVue LED Side Post Light
ClearVue Vinyl Dock Edging - w/LED Solar Lights
Pontoon Accessories
Pontoon Fenders Pontoon Corner Bumpers Pontoon Rail Fender Adjuster Pontoon Fence Saver
Easy Up Privacy Partition Pontoon Gazebo Pontoon Enclosure Square Tube Bimini Tops
Square Tube Bimini BoaTop Hardware Pontoon Playpen Shade Pontoon Boat Cover Support System Pontoon Flag Pole Socket with Flag
Square Tube Bimini Support Poles